Wd mycloud access

Are there problems with mycloud? lost my remote connection to my Android phone, and in trying to fix it have now lost connection via wifi to both the phone and my ipad. can only access the drive on my PC.

Is it my problem or are there issues? The dashboard says everything is fine!

I am seeing issues, it’s either slow to connect or doesn’t happen - I am based in London

It must be WD again, there are just too many outages in recent months if you ask me

I  regret buying 2 tb WD My Cloud.

Nearly every time i try to access WD my cloud it fails . ALL my company’s files are backed up to WD My cloud, but  most of the time I cannot access them  whether I try from 2 PCs, mobile phones, Laptop or tablet.

 The software is RUBBISH… I have had the 2TB My Cloud for less than a month and already lost over 40 GB of data. that cost me over £1200 to recover using a Data Recovery company…

Trawling through the Internet it seems that Western Digital have known about these shortcomings of the My Cloud access for a long time even before launching the recent My Cloud device, but are incapable of solving the problems of logging into the My cloud files. Logging on FAILS MORE TIMES THAN IT SUCCEEDS.

Can anyone explain to me,  a non technical person,  how to circumvent WD software to get my cloud system running as it should. At the moment it is not fit for purpose and I will probably confine the rubbish device to thw waste bin.