Milestone Mobile

Ok, now I have my Milestone Mobile set up correctly and can see my cameras it’s time to tweak. The first problem I have is a Dynamic IP address. The App doesn’t seem to have any facility for setting up a DNS service. Is there a way I can get over this.

Hey again :slight_smile:

Could you give me some more details on what exactly are you aiming for so I can give you more specific information?

Does everything work both on the internal network and externally?

Our Live Support should also be helpful for this…


A bit more info:

This KB should show you how you can set up the application on a mobile phone.

Regarding the DNS, you would need to use your external facing IP address and forward it if you will be accessing the surveillance system from outside of your local network. If you are using a DNS service you should be able to use the DNS name instead of the IP address. As long as you’ve set up the port forwarding you should have access to the drive.



Thanks for the info.With a bit of additional tweaking I have it working. Thanks for your help.

It would be very useful for other people if you shared the steps which you took to have it working :slight_smile:

Feel free to post back if you need more info or help, I’d be more than happy to assist!


Instead of using the IP address which in my case changed frequently as it is a Dynamic address rather than fixed I set up a DNS service. The one I used is found at, once registered this allows you to have a name of almost any choice,as an example it could be On the app go to Configure, Server connections & enter anything of your choice then select Server connections & you enter example ‘’ in the Manual Address instead of the IP address. Once you have entered it stay on the screen. You will see Manual addresses & below it, your address, select your address and it opens another screen Edit IP & port, here you enter your port number 8081 and secure port if required. On your router make sure port 8081 is open, on my router the Arcus software seemed to ‘grab’ the port automatically.
And it worked for me, good luck.


Hey :slight_smile: thanks for sharing, I hope this info wold be useful for other people who are trying to make a similar setup.
I’m glad you got everything working! Feel free to post back if there are other questions or if there’s anything else that I can help you with!