Message "There is no media in the current folder" for new share - Old share is working


I had only one share on my windows server previously and its been working fine for all content.

Now I have added a new disk and new share but can´t access any stuff in the share.

I get “There is no media in the current folder.”

I´ve read around and there´s a bunch of related threads with same error but for me it is working halfway.

I´ve tried adding a few AVIs, JPGs, etc to the root folder of the new share but no luck.

Since share 1 is working I have concluded that it can´t be an authentication issue (? same credentials per server, right?)

I´ve even set everyone - full control on share and ntfs permissions.

Firmware: 1.02.21

Any suggestions?

Welcome to the forums.

It’s not the same credentials per share – every share is different (or can be).  On the share itself, did you add “Everyone” and set the password to off?

Hmmm, do you mean that credentials can be different per share in the WD or on the server?

Because I only get the password prompt once when I click on the server, then all shares are listed.

On the server: Yes, everyone is added in both ntfs rights and share rights.

“and set the password to off”- I´m not sure what this means, in the WD or on the server?

PS: running windows server 2008.

Thanks for your help …

Ah, WIndows Server?  There is something about that that’s a little different.  See if this is helpful in any way:

it was the NTFS permissions…doh! :slight_smile: