Media Streaming from laptop looses connection every 15 minutes or s

Up until recently, my WD Media Player played videos from my two laptops perfectly. Recently it looses “connection to the server” every 15 minutes or so necessitating reconnecting the computer all over again. What’s curious is that it effects both PC’s so I am pretty sure that’s not the problem. I contacted my internet ( Wifi router) provider and they checked my router to make sure it was working properly… no problems were found. Does anybody have an idea what the problem is and how I fix it?

possible “master browser” issue ?

there’s a lot of posts regarding it eg. WD TV Live keeps losing network shares

Thank you for your reply. I have gone through everything you sent and I still don’t quite understand the problem and there doesn’t seem to be a simple solution. Both my boxes were working fine on both my laptops and suddenly they weren’t.
Any direct ideas you ( or anyone else ) may have?

I have dealt with a lot of Master Browser issues and helped fix them, but this just doesn’t feel like a MB problem – yet. I kind of feels like a router problem. So let’s try a few things and see what happens.

Do the following steps in order as described:

Turn off BOTH PCs
Turn off completely (unplug) the WDTV
Turn off router; unplug if necessary.
Now that all affected devices are off, turn router back on, and after a few minutes of booting up, test it (i.e. check email via a phone) to see you have internet connection again.
Next, turn on ONE of the PCs your “main” PC; likely one with most of the videos on it)
Let PC be running for around 15 minutes, check to see if you can use browser, etc.
After waiting 15 minutes, turn ON the WDTV. Once it is on about 10 minutes, access the PC that is on and start playing videos on PC or TV via WDTV. and see if the problem you were having is gone. After an hour or so, keep PC on and turn on the second PC. Once booted fully, try accessing and playing videos on WDTV from it and keep trying both PCs to play videos.

If all continues to work well, it might have been a master browser issue that was cleared out during the rebooting processes, BUT it can return if you are turning off and on either PC during the next few days.

Report back in a few days your experience and findings and we can go from there.

I’ll give this a try.
Thank you!

Followed your instructions to the letter… no go. PC disconnected after 15 minutes.
I’m ready for the next step.

Darn, So I have my thinking cap on. . . not easy . . . later gater once I have some time, meanwhile let’s hope someone else jumps in to help us.


Since thinking about this awhile now, about all I can come up with is questions for you. First, I want to be clear how you are using the WDTVs. Do you have a WDTV connected to a TV, and this WDTV accesses either of your PCs to select a video to watch, and pretty close to 15 minutes into play a movie it is playing stops and notifies you are disconnected from the server? And, do you have a second WDTV connected to a different TV, and doing the same procedure to watch movies on that TV and you also get notified by WDTV you lost the server? Does this happen whenever you access one particular PC or does it happen when accessing either PC? Do both WDTVs disconnect from either PC?

Are you accessing the internal drives of the PCs, or external drives connected to the PCs?

Do you have any drives connected to either WDTV?

What operating systems (and versions) are on the PCs?

Can you recall doing anything to the PCs that might be co-incidental of when your troubles began (e.g. upgraded the OS to Win 10 perhaps)?

thx Mike

I’ll get back to you tonight after work with your answers.