Media servers not visible anymore

I’m really getting annoyed. I had and heard about the issues with network shares so I preferred using a media server.

Initially i used the win7 one but it’s flawed (stuff not updating, not displaying new folders…) so I installed tversity. Worked fine.

Now suddenly now media servers are visible anymore to the wd tv live. TVersitiy is up and running and actually displays the wd tv as connected device (DSM750), however there are no media servers visible.

So I went back to using network shares but that seem to be dependend on the mood of the wd tv. Sometimes it works and sometimes not even after restarting everything from router, PC to wd tv live itself.

I don’t even know if it’s a windows or wd tv live issue. I’m like very close to going back to carrying around an external hdd. because that always worked flawlessly…and also no problems during playback.

Any ideas?