Can't find media server on WD TV Live

I have recently bought a WD My Book Live 3T NAS. After following the setup instructions, I find I cannot see the media server.

I am able to access the NAS via network shares and all folders that should be seen are seen. On my laptop (Win 7), the WD TV Live is seen, as is the MBL both as part of the network as well as a mapped drive for the public folders. I can transfer files back and forth between the computer and the MBL.

When using the Live, I can access and play media by going via Network shares. However, if I select Media servers, I can see the computer only as a server, not the MBL. I am able to access the MBL with firefox both for the MBL setup and the Twonky page.

I have searched this forum looking for a similar problem but have found no solution.

I would appreciate some help or assistance from some of the more knowledgeable members of this community.

I am having a very similar problem with my WD Live.

Mine was able to se the Media servers all day yesterday then at around 5 PM they stopped

Can see a media server on my Windows XP machine but not on my Windows 7

Can see all network shares and access media from them

All other devices in my home can access the same windows 7 media servers that the WD Live can not.

I worked with WD last night on this and we rolled back the FW no go. We reset the WD Live both through the reset factory settings and also with a hard reset on the side of the unit. None of this worked.

I am also having an issue where each time I unplug my device I am having to connect through composite instead of somponent in order to restore my video settings.

Today when i woke up my daughter wanted to watch something and I told her it was broke. Of course since she is 7 I had to prove it to her and when I chose Media Server on the menu my Windows 7 servers appeared. However when I clicked on anything the unit crashed and restarted.

With this and the settings not saving in mind WD is going to send me an RMA.

Same thing has happened with mine, one day my media shares were there, the next they were gone. I am fully connected on my network and nothing has changed.

I have a Live and a Live Plus, same issue on both started at the same time, which has rendered them useless.