MBL doesn't detect most recent firmware


I have the MBL with firmware version 02.01.06 and have tried to update the firmware but when I try to do this using the dashboard it tells me that there are no updates.

On this and other sites I see firmware codes which to me would appear to be newer (higher numbers e.g. 02.32.05).  I’m not sure if there is anything I’m missing as I have seen there are some issuses doing updates and that some must be done in stages.  Is there something other than use the dashboard to update from my firmware to a newer one?


You may need to contact Tech Support – they can provide you a link and instructions to manually install the firmware update.

Thanks for the suggestion.  I’ve contacted tech support but thought someone here might have a quicker answer.

The first thing I would check is to make sure the MBL has access to the internet. If you are set to static it could be either IP issue or DNS not resolving correctly. Do you have any filters for internet access on the router? That could be as well.

Now, for more advace troubleshooting you might need to enable SSH and do it from there, the MBL has Debian Linux system.

I’m running 02.32.05-046

Network connectivity isn’t an issue as I have been using ftp to connect to the MBL and also used SSH to ping some websites with no problems.

Anyone know the IP of the WD update server so I could check that it is able to contact it.

No response from the support email yet so still trying to figure it out myself.

What is the best way to determine the firmware version anyways?

If I go by the shell it says this.

MyBookLive:~# cat /etc/version

That’s the version, then. You can also see it in the MBL’s UI.