[SOLVED] Latest firmware for MBL and MBLD?


what is the actual firmware-version of the
’my book live’ and the
’my book live duo’ and where do I get those firmware upgrades?

thanks a lot,



See if the following link helps

Hello ERmorel,

thanks but sadly it does not help.
No where on that page I can find the version of the newest firmware.

And regarding to following posting: *No Update Possible … *
I am familiar with the how it should be done, but sadly it does not work these ways.

And regarding your link, the page with description of how to do a manual update is not available at the moment! :smiley:

I would like to do an update within the system, but with the correct firmwareupdate as *.deb file I could do a dd of rootfs.img way easier than fixing the md5sum not working properly problem.
YES I did multiple correct downloads.
YES I tested the md5sum
NO md5sum in updateFirmwareFromFile.sh is returning empty string therefor the resulting error in update process.

Still open Question:
What is the version number of latest firmware-update?

thanks a lot.

Thank you for the link, on further exploring your suggestion I came upon this one I overlooked the first time.

This was the confirmation I needed to be shure of the actual valid newest firmware for MBL and MBLD.

From there I could continue with solving the troubble with updating.

No update possible …