Where to download firmware?


Is this the correct page for the latest MBL firmware?

I’m confused as it states the lastest is 02.32.05-046 yet on my device (recently purchased) it states I’m on 02.32.06-006 so why is mine on a higher version?

Or is manual updating no longer available ? I seem to find conflicting advice online.


That happens occasionally across all of WD’s products.  The factory may be putting newer firmware on drives than is available to us users “in the wild.”

It’s been months and months since WD did a public firmware release for the MBL.

I wouldn’t worry about it.  


Update through the UI


EDIT: removed previous link

whitewater2 wrote:

Scroll down to all the versions to download manually.

NO!   :slight_smile:

Those are GPL Source-code downloads, not firmware.



well download through the UI then lol


The link on the page where they give instructions for updating through the Dashboard or manually doesn’t work for doing the manual download. 

The instructions for going through the Dashboard display OK, but the one for “Update Manually - Software Release 2.0 and higher” gives the message:

Critical: Manual updating is not currently available, if you need assistance please Contact Us.

I trust doing the manual download and manual update (using Dashboard) more than going through the Dashboard to do the download and update.  But it’s looking like WD is wanting everyone to do the more automatic process?

Any official comments?

Oh, I should add that I got an e-mail alert from my MBL that a new firmware was available.  And opening the Dashboard automatically popped up a window offering to start the update process. 

The new version is stated to be 02.41.05-034.