Malfunctioning My Cloud device

I have a My Cloud device that I never updated to OS 5 and I haven’t used in a couple of years. I need to pull all of the files off the device. I used to access it from the dashboard, if I’m remembering correctly. Now I can’t get on the dashboard and my computer can’t locate the USB-connected My Cloud in the network map. (I have enabled File Sharing Support, but the device does not appear.) When I plug the My Cloud into my PC directly, I get the following error:
“USB device not recognized
The last USB device you connected to this computer malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it”
I ran troubleshooting to no avail. I don’t need this device to be functional anymore, I just need to retrieve my files (baby pictures, wedding videos, old college work, etc…all very sentimental). Please help, I’m growing concerned!


Set the device back up connected to your router. Try this to get to it \\WDMYCLOUD or the name you gave your device. If you can get to the Dashboard turn off Internet Access.

And there is your problem. You use an Ethernet cable not a USB cable.


@Bennor, are you showing the router in that diagram? The My Cloud is connected to the router with an Ethernet cord.

@Martok, how can I locate it then? I can’t see it on the network.

Yes. That diagram is from the My Cloud v4.x or v2.x User Manual:

  1. Using the provided Ethernet cable, connect one end of the Ethernet cable into a router
    or network switch port.
  2. Connect the other end of the Ethernet cable directly into the Ethernet port located on the
    back of the device.
  3. Connect one end of the power adapter into the power supply socket on the back of the
  4. Plug the other end of the power adapter into a power outlet. The unit powers up

One can also directly connect the My Cloud to their computer using Ethernet.

Access My Cloud When Connected Directly to a Computer

After connecting the single bay/single drive My Cloud device to the network router and powering it on. What color is the front LED? Blue, white, red or some other color? A functioning single bay/single drive My Cloud properly connected to a router should display a blue front LED once it completes the boot up sequence. If not one may have to perform a 4 second or 40 second reset.

Pin Reset and System Only Restore WD My Cloud OS 3

Note: All this assumes one is using a single bay/single drive My Cloud and not a My Cloud Home. The My Cloud Home is a completely different device with a different operating system and features than the My Cloud line of devices.

Thank you for your patience and careful instructions. I feel like an incompetent child :slight_smile: This is indeed a single bay My Cloud. I’ve connected it directly to the computer with an ethernet cable. The LED was solid blue, and I got http://wdmycloud to load. Since I didn’t know the username or password, I performed a 4 second reset. However, ‘admin’ with no password still does not get me in (“Only administrator users are allowed.”). Any further guidance is so very much appreciated…I’m heartened just to have made this much progress so far! Seems every step of the way I’ve shown I have no idea what I’m doing!

A 4 second reset doesn’t change the admin name if you previously changed it to something else. You may have to do a 40 second reset to get the admin name reset back to default.

The 4 Second Reset will only reset the Admin Password. It will not reset the Admin User Name. In order to reset the Admin User Name perform Option B - the 40 Second Reset outlined below.

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Thank you so much!

Thanks for all these answers. I had the same

You can’t connect the Mycloud to your computer with a USB connection - it’s an ethernet device.

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