Making files private on my local network

I’m using a My Cloud Mirror. My problem is that no mater what I do I can always see all of my files on the devices connected to my network (Smart TV’s in particular). I set up My Cloud to sync with a few folders using the my sync software, that went OK. Then I used the My Cloud app to sync pictures from my phone, and that went OK. But recently my son got a smart TV for Christmas, and as I was setting it up I noticed how you can access the My Cloud from it. in fact all of my files can be seen from any smart TV in the house.

I’ve tried logging onto what I at least think is the dashboard by typing in the IP address, and logging on as the admin. I clicked on Shares, and then went to each one and turned the “public” option to OFF. This did nothing I can still see them from the TVs. I then went to user management, I have 2 users the admin account which I use and another for my wife. I went and clicked “Deny” access to every share and still, I can see all of the files from the TV’s on the network. I’m not sure what else to do?

Maybe there is a setting for the shares the dlna server is able to see?

Later at home I will confirm it.