Acces to cloud through smart TV without password


I have 3GB WD My cloud and on a new TV I can access it without filling password, wich is not good. I cant access to my hierarchy, but through TV I can see all videos and pictures, wich I have under password. How can this be possible?

Can somebody helps me, how to protect my user even through the TV?

Thank you very much

How are you accessing the MyCloud?  As a network drive, or through DLNA/UPnP?

Where is your video stored?  Is it in the Public share, or a private share?

If it’s in the Public share, it’s Public, and therefore visible to all without access control.

One futher comment to add to what cpt_paranoia posted. If a share folder is configured as a private folder (ie Public Access is turned off) but one has Media Serving turned on, the media contents of that folder will still be accessable to any DLNA client. For the OP that may explain why even though they may have the Public Access turned off for that particular folder the media is still accessble to their TV as their TV is accessing the NAS through its DLNA client.

Yep – and this is the case for *ALL* DLNA servers.    People have a tendancy to “blame” WD for these things, when it’s a REQUIREMENT of the DLNA standard to allow access without passwords to DLNA-enabled storage.


thank you for your answer. From computer I access the cloud through WD My cloud application, where I have to enter a password to get access. Or through My computer file, where I can see Public files, and now I see a can access that All videos file too, and without password :frowning: Same as in the TV. Bleh…

I have created user in the cloud, wich is under password protection and there I have all that stuff. But the pass works only through PC WD My Cloud app :frowning:

So I didnt put any files into Public share, but in Public share you can access all stuff through “All stuff” file :frowning: Can you help me how to set it to be secured by the password?

Please make sure you switched media sharing OFF for that folder. Then please let us know what happens with file access from TV of the folder you do not want to see.

Thanks, that was what I need :slight_smile: After turning off the videos still remained there, but without picture previews and could not be played. So I physically disconnect My cloud from network a reconnected it and from that it didnt load secured files :slight_smile: Thank you very much for help with this…

One more question, if I can :slight_smile: How can I access my secured files through TV? :slight_smile:

unless the TV can use SMB or NFS files you can’t an I have not heard of a TV that does.

you TV will propably only support DLNA which does not allow passwords

you could add another device, I am using a Raspberry pi 2 running OpenElec but I have no tried using it without storing the passwords in it

Oh ok, but thanks anyway :slight_smile: