Make a Backup of a Back up...with WD Backup


So I have a 6tb MyBook, been using it with the WD Backup software to back up my PC everyday. Love it easy to use and navigate. Now just got an 8tb to make a back up of my 6tb. So that essential I would have everything on my PC backing up to my 6tb MyBook and then the 8tb automatically backing up the 6tb that just backed up the PC.

Problem: When I open the software and look for the WD Backup.swstor folder to back up, it’s not listed as an option.

Is there a way to do this with WD Backup or another software?

Thank you.

Hi kris1923,

The WD Backup software is designed in such way that it can backup the data of internal drive to the WD My Book but it cannot backup the data of the external drive to the another external drive using WD Backup.

However, you can manually Drag & Drop or Copy & Paste the data from the WD My Book 6TB to WD My Book 8TB drive.


*[we have an Easystore 8tb desktop - your MyBook may have different functionality]

Firstly, Drag & Drop / Copy-Paste is not a replacement for trustworthy backups.

We were also told we could not do ext to ext drive backups by a WD support person when we suddenly had no WD Backup after an update. We told him - “we’ve been backing up one Easystore8tb to our identical Easystore8tb for over 2.5 years”.
He told us they had “made changes to the software”. We were not convinced of this - and found a fix. [install and run as ADMIN]

  • However, you can only set up ONE backup job in WD Backup.
  • We created 1 backup to do BOTH our C drive USER data (all OUR stuff)[kinda the default WD job they start us with on 1st job creation] + our MUSIC dbase (external M drive) to → our BACKUP drive (external N drive) Both of the externals are identical Easystore 8tb USB drives. WD Backup sees all the drives - you are just limited to ONE backup job.

ALSO see THIS doc -

Hope this helps others having fluky WD Backup issues.