MacOS 12 Beta

Just to know:

  • WD Discovery on Mac mini M1 with MacOs Beta 12 doesn’t mount WD home drive. It’s showing and connected inside wd discovery app.
  • Plex service is working fine.
  • Uninstalling/installing again is not working.
  • Access via is working
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This is an old problem. I’m an user from 2017 and every year it’s the same story but I hope this time they’ll fix before the public release. Usually we have to wait at least 1 month after the public release (November - Dicember)

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Yep, I remember this being the exact same problem when Big Sur came out. No communication about it until a couple months after release, and even that was through a KB article that wasn’t posted anywhere, and only discovered a month or so after posting. Don’t be surprised if it’s still not functional by the time Monterey releases.