macOS 10.12 (Sierra) Time Machine backup fails with 'OSStatus Error 65' on a My Cloud device Answer ID 14921

I get this error, and the article refers to a new version of the firmware, but it does not seem to be available. support article : macOS 10.12 (Sierra) Time Machine backup fails with ‘OSStatus Error 65’ on a My Cloud device Answer ID 14921 indicates that I need firmware 2.11.153. my device says that it is up to date with 2.11.140. How can i get this firmware? --Todd

What My Cloud model are you running? Single bay or multi bay?

If you are running the newer generation v2.x single bay models then, you can download the firmware file manually and update manually. See the WD Support Software and Firmware Downloads page which allows one to download the firmware for their My Cloud (all models):

Or see the single bay firmware 2.21.119 discussion thread which has a direct link to the latest v2.x single bay My Cloud firmware.

2.21.153 firmware for My Cloud Mirror, EX2 and EX4 have not been released.
Stay Tuned - we’ll announce when it’s available

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Same here, after MacOS Sierra I can’t connect and get the the message “OS Status Error 65”

I’m not getting the OS Status Error 65, but since macOS Sierra beta I have not been able to complete a Time Machine Backup.

Sadly the MyCloud EX2 firmware update for this is non-existent.

I’m having the same issue. I can’t create a Time Machine backup ever since updating to macOS Sierra. Is there a bug fix coming, I’m getting anxious not being able to backup my machine.

Any firmware update for the My Cloud EX2? I still can’t backup to Time Machine

Still waiting for macOS Sierra Time Machine support for My Cloud EX2!!

Hello All,

We’ll be releasing the macOS Sierra 10.12 firmware that addresses NEW TIM backup for My Cloud Mirror, EX2 and EX4 shortly.
In the mean time, you could navigate to the TimeMachine share in Finder and start a new TM backup that way.

Are they going to do macOS Sierra 10.12 update for Thunderbolt Duo’s.

I’ve 2 of these and now no good for my time machine backup’s

Also have 2 My Book Studio’s and these doesn’t work either since updating to macOS Sierra

Can you say when the firmware will be released?

I guess I just have to keep asking, is there a date for firmware release for My Cloud EX2? I haven’t been able to back up my machine in 2-3 weeks

You could use a third party backup program while you wait for either WD or Apple to fix this time machine issue.

I bought the WD My Cloud EX2 specifically for Time Machine. The firmware updates have been released for other My Cloud units. Would it be possible to get an update when the firmware for the EX2 will be released (if at all).

I have the MyCloudMirror. Guess a firmware update is going to be a while… The standard answer is 2.11.153 will be available “shortly”. Well, if you are prevented from using your WD device for its purchased purpose, shortly means about a week or so but if you’re WD, shortly could be 6 to 9 months or longer. “Shortly” is a very subjective term. It gives WD any amount of time they choose. Really starting to question this purchase. At least the second one I purchased last week can still be returned.


The last firmware release was 2.21.119.

Are version numbers going backwards now…?

2.21.119 appears to be the latest version for any of the MyCloud family of devices, so it seems that this 2.12.153 (I’m guessing that’s the real number) is still in regression testing, or has been abandoned as a release candidate. I don;t see a 2.11.153 (or whatever) release for the Gen2 MyCloud.

I also note that the same version of firmware is apparently applicable to everything other than Gen1, v4 MyClouds. So maybe that was the reason for switching to the new v2 firmware codebase; a common codebase and releases for all members, presumably with some means of controlling the vertical market differentiation features… I’m sure I recall a wise person suggesting that might be a good idea… Just a shame they picked the v2 stream with its much more closed architecture.

@cpt_paranoia thanks for catching the typo (corrected). It will indeed be 2.21.153 and we are scheduled to release early next week.

How about MyBookLive. Mine is a My Book Live Network Storage running “MyBookLive 02.43.10-048 : Core F/W” (Fri 26 Aug 2016 09:57:10 PM CST) and I’m also having this issue since upgrading to macOS. Will we have an update soon for this one addressing this problem?
Thanks in advance!

The patch for MBL and MDL Duo are located inside the KBA