TimeMachine OSStatus Error 2 (MacOS)

Hi Everyone,
Apologies if this has been posted before. I am having major issues with TimeMachine backups and MyCloud.

I have been using it for a while but since updating to 04.05.00-327 (05/08/2017) I can backup once or twice and then I get the OSStatus Error 2 appear on my Mac (Mojave).

I am using a USB connected drive to MyCloud to run the TimeMachine backup to, I have it correctly selected using the Guest profile as stated in the manual.

It will work on a freshly formatted USB drive for a couple of days, it will then lose visibility USB drive in TimeMachine, I can however see the share on MyCloud but cannot access any files in the directory (It crashes),

If I un-select Mac Backups in the MyCloud settings the USB share becomes available again and I can access the files.

If I reboot etc and re-enable Mac Backups then I get the OSStatus Error 2 on my Mac when trying to run a TimeMachine Backup even though it can see the TimeMachine Directory and allows me to select it.

Can anyone help with this? It appears to be a WD issues as unselecting the Mac Backup option beings back visibility, are we due a FW update soon?


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I am having the same issue