Mac will no longer connect to EX2 Ultra, macOS Catalina

Looking for some help. I’ve been using an EX2 Ultra on my home network for both my Mac Mini and a MacBook Pro for several years without the 1st problem. It’s main use is for archiving photos, TimeMachine backups (I use this very infrequently) and also as a media server.
I recently noticed that while I “see” the drive in my finder locations sidebar, It says I am connected as a Guest. I cannot use the dashboard method with my browser. I can no longer run my TimeMachine as it says it cannot find the drive.
It does show the top level folders when I select the drive, but will not open them.
This was one of the easiest setups I ever did a few years ago but it is not working now.

I have downloaded the GoodSync software, but have no idea what I’m supposed to do with that or how that will help me access it from my finder.

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