Mac Disk Utility First Aid

I’m trying to use First Aid to repair a G-Raid 6TB external hard drive that is acting funny, but I consistently get the message “First Aid could not unmount the volume for repair.”

Anyone know what’s going on? Or how to fix it?

The MAC First Aid is unfortunately quite weak and prone to not being able to function very well. In most cases the best way to clean off a drive that has corruption on it is to transfer the needed data off elsewhere and then Erase the drive in the Disk Utility.

Unfortunately I get a “file cannot be copied” error message when I try to copy the contents of the drive. That’s why I was using First Aid.

Anything I can do to clean up the disk before I transfer the data?

Only another power repair or recovery tool. You can rebuild a drive with Disk Warrior however it isn’t a free solution. Or use Data recovery software such as Data Rescue.