G-Drive w/Thunderbolt fails to mount


Today my G-Raid TB on my Mac Pro / High Sierra failed to mount and I cannot get the data on the drives any more…

I tried to start the harddisk utility and it says that it found some errors which have to be repaired in recovery mode. This makes no sense since the G-Raid isn’t a boot-device. I connected the G-Drive to two other Macs but it’s always the same issue that I cannot use the inserted drive…

How can I instantly get access to my data again?

What will happen, if I take the two drives out of the G-Raid housing and put them into an older MacPro which has 4 Drive-slots… will Mac Os recognize the Raid and will the files be accessible to save them on another drive?


If you take the drives out of the enclosure and attempt to use them elsewhere you will be unsuccessful and can risk further issues. The drives are part of a RAID and have to remain that way in the original enclosure.

The issue you are having sounds like corruption of the partition. Your best option is to attempt rebuilding the drive with a powerful 3rd party app such as Disk Warrior.


Do you think that Disk Warrior will repair the Raid or will it only find all files and folders and let me copy them to another Drive…? What do you assume?

I took the drives out and put them into a MacPro and Mac showed the same issue… DiskUtility checked both single drives and they were both absolutely OK… But when checking the raid, DiskUtility reported that it cannot be fixed.


Yes the RAID in this situation is the corruption. You have a software RAID based on that unit and rebuilding it isn’t really possible. Disk Warrior in this situation probably won’t help. You can try something like Data Rescue made by ProSoft Engineering. They have a demo version you can run and see if it can detect anything on the device. However if a software RAID fails it usually means you lose the data as well.


I used EaseUS instead and the app found every file and folder on the device…

You have to buy the software if you want to recover more than 2GB of data but I think it’s worth it.

I purchased the license code and I am confident to get my data back…