G-Raid Drives Shows up with Drop Box running but no other files

I can see the G-Raid 8TB drive. I have run disk utility on Mac Pro and it checks good. I have tried restarts several times. Even more interesting is that I can my Drop Box folder just fine with all the files and I am sure that is because of the internet connection.

This is a major business external hard drive and if anyone has a suggestion, I would appreciate.

I am running a disk recovery program and I can see files being prepared for exporting to another drive but the expense of another 8TB drive would be cutting into my budget.

Thanks for any consideration or comment.


It sounds like the partition is corrupted and you are able to see files with software but don’t have a spare 8TB of space to transfer it to.

If that is the case I have another option for you to consider. With corruption on a volume you can usually repair it with the software Disk Warrior. It would rebuild your drive and cause it to mount and be usable again, all without the requirement of transferring the data elsewhere.

Thank you for this great suggestion. I forgot about Disk Warrior. I used it many years ago and I am referring to the 1990’s. I will certainly buy the latest copy for recovery. Thank you.