Lost files on 1st gen WD My cloud

I have a 1st gen ?? WD My cloud that used to store family photos on etc but I have not used in a while. I have come to download my files of it but the unit will not connect to the wi-fi - how do I access/download my files - are they lost for good? I am not technical so please any advice simple for the hard of understanding haha - cheers

You are in the wrong subforum and most readers here will not know what device you are talking about, but you are fine, just go back to the OS3 subforum and read a little more about your device, such as this thread:


If you own a WDMYCLOUD 1st generation then you should post in this sub-forum.
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You will have to set your device up for use on your home network. Turn off Cloud Access in the Dashboard. Make your address for your device static.

Mine works fine connected to my router, home network. Here is what is showing in my Dashboard>Settings>Network.