Lost dashboard

I have lost my dashboard.  Upon logging into my WD Drive, I get a blank page.

Per other posts, I have turned off my firewall and updated Java to v7.

My preferred remedy is to remove the drive (contents are backed up) physically and from network.  Cannot seem to remove from my network

Could this be a windows 8 issue.  Would reset all, but cannot get to my dashboard.

See if you can access the hidden SSH page


If you have renamed your drive to something other than mybooklive, use that name in the url above

If you can access the above, follow this guide


that page is also blank

Can you still access shares on the MyBookLive?

Try holding the reset button on the back of the unit in for 5-8 seconds. This will reset SSH password, dashboard password, and set the network back to dhcp. The drive should reboot during this process (Pay attention to the LED)
No data will be erased from the drive.

Post back results

yes, the share can be accessed.

I have reset it.  Still no dashboard or ssh

That is, I have reset the unit per reset button.

Short of pulling the drive out of the enclosure (which would void your warranty) and debricking it with my guide the only other option is to back up your data and set up an RMA with Western Digital.

If you are tech savy and don’t care about voiding your warranty, you can follow this guide to debrick the os

What is an RMA?

Return Merchandise Authorization. You call Western Digital, they give you an RMA# and tell you where to ship your drive. Upon receipt of your drive in their system, they send you a recertified drive back. This process can take weeks including shipping time.