Lost access to all files

Hey guys, hopefully you’ll be able to help me out.

Did a firmware update… i know, i know, its sunday it popped up and i said yes.

Had 3 shares one of them public and 2 users. Now i have no access to any files. User shares are empty, public shares are empty. Did a couple of resets and system resets.

But its still there, right?

It gives me 2TB free and a lot of stuff in there on a 2TB drive. Great.

Tried ssh couldn’t find anything in shares or anywhere, im a windows user.


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You said, Now i have no access to any files. User shares are empty, public shares are empty.


How are you opening and looking at them? Is it by using the My Cloud App, looking under Network>WDMYCLOUD and then opening the shares or how?


What shows in your Dashboard under Shares?


Instead of the resets did you ever try a reboot of the My Cloud? Reboot is under Settings>Utilities>Device Maintenance.


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cat0w (USA)


Yes, they’re empty on the my cloud windows app, via mapped drive in windows, on the dashboard it shows 4.1k (default) used for any of the shares. Via ssh my shares directories are also empty.

I also tried rebooting the device and shutting it down.

Found this thread and used R-linux to recover some of my files, everything is renamed to numbers, there’s no folder structure, it took 16 plus hours just to scan the drive and a couple more just to recover the selected files. Problem was i actually trusted this device and added some files to it while out in the world that i had nowhere else.

Meanwhile i was contacted by WD support, and they requested the system log, they also told me they would provide a data recovery service. I can’t complain about the support, but i was provided with no imediate solution. 

You’ll never get it to generate a system log.

So i ended up rolling back to  03.04.01-230 and doing a quick recovery. All is working and very snappy menus.

Yes orange triangle thingy, you can kiss my very upset behind.

I can only thank the many users of this forum for the great information sharing and mini tutorials on how to solve various problems. The users provide imediate solutions, creativity and changes, the official support does not.