Losing Faith

Good morning,

I consider myself a very patient person and one who is willing to give multiple second chances because I believe in the people behind products.

I purchased my 2TB My Cloud well over a year ago and the past 14 months have been an absolute misery when it comes to this product working consistently.  The product would work great for a few days and then “MyCloud is no longer accessible or My Cloud is offline”.  The crazy thing and most frustrating thing is I NEVER CHANGED ANYTHING.  

Now with the latest release from WD I cannot get the Mycloud to stay online for more than 10 minutes.  In order for it to work I have to unplug the device and upload/download anything I need in 10 minutes.  This is manageable (but still something I should not have to do since I paid for a product to work at least 95% of the time) when I am home but I travel for work.  In addition I have sold my wife on a “home cloud server” to save us money. We cancelled our Apple iCloud packages so we could pay once and have a safe reliable product we could use.  Now I have my wife in my ear daily about “the piece of junk in the office” and understandably so!

My last vent for the day is the concept of the WD Community.  I like the idea but the fatal flaw is there are thousands of people who all have issues and few of us ever get any replies or solid help from someone who knows these devices inside and out.  You may get a few “try this” ideas but nothing concrete.  I posted every page from my router in hopes someone could walk me through any changes that could fix my problems but to no avail.

In the end I am not going to scream or be rude to Western Digital but I will not recommend this product and the customer wins in the end because word spreads, espeically negative publicity and companies no longer receive orders.

I understand your frustration but please understand this is a community support forum, not WD technical support and we are just users trying to help each other.

Thank you.  I was informed by another user my questions can be “forwarded” to technical support.  I was under the impression WD employees were within the community.

Tiger150123 wrote:

Thank you.  I was informed by another user my questions can be “forwarded” to technical support.  I was under the impression WD employees were within the community.

The WD Community was created for Users -such as yourself- to help one another and to share your experiences and ideas with one another.  As Moderators, we are simply here to facilitate and oversee the Community. If you have a question or issue related to the WD Community itself, us Moderators will be happy to respond and assist you. However, if you are looking for technical support from WD, you will need to contact them directly.

To Contact WD for Technical Support:


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At least yours made it a year.  I’ve had mine for four days and I’m ready to send it back.  Can’t stream from an external drive.  The connected drive share disappeared while the other drive I unplugged still shows up.  Transfer speeds are ridiculously slow, both from a PC to the cloud or through my network, as well as through the USB port.  Tech guy said, “Yeah, it’s faster to transfer files from your computer to the cloud rather than through the USB port, that’s primarilly for backup.”  What?  He didn’t know the port is USB 3.0.  I asked if it would speed things up to us a USB 3.0 drive.  That’s when he got out his manual and said, “Oh, you’re right.”  But never answered the question.  I have a gigabit router and switch and the transfer speed to the cloud took 14:52 minutes for a 5.75 GB file.  To another computer it took 9:55 minutes for the same file, and to a USB drive connected to my PC it only took 5:59.  That’s two and a half times longer than USB 2.0.  USB 1.0???  And 40% longer than to a computer NOT connected to a gigabit switch.  So this thing is slow slow slow. 

So I don’t know, I’m pretty disappoined by what this thing won’t do so far.  I guess I’ll just have to wait while 1.9 gig of files transfer on to the cloud so I can stream them.  Four days at those speeds.

I will say that accessing my files remotely was simple.  I set up the shares an had it working in just a few miutes, then went across town with a laptop to confirm.  Works simple.  But I want streamin on my home network from an external drive (internal works fine).  And what’s up withthe extraordinarilly slow transfer speeds?  Are everyone’s that slow???

I get reasonable speeds, generally 50-70MB/s, occasionally as low as 20MB/s or as high as 90MB/s.

many small files are always slower, even within a single PC. media files add a scanning load and slow it some although this is much less of an issue then in the July FW release

you are getting 6.5MB/s which is more inline with a 100Mbps Ethernet connection. are you shure everything is gigabit? what atr the lights on the back of the cloud doing? double check the computer too.

Tiger150123 wrote:

Thank you.  I was informed by another user my questions can be “forwarded” to technical support.  I was under the impression WD employees were within the community.

We’re just normal users like you. I understand your plight but I noticed some suggestions given to you seems have no reply. Have you tried them? How could we possibly help if you don’t “try this”? Because our network environment/setups are different. You have a branded AC66 router but I have a crappy router which never disappoints my cloud access and pulls 108MB/s from wdmycloud.

Please understand that networking is not a standalone thingy. It takes a few things to build up the network. If there’s any unknown disruption, every node has to be looked at.

Come to find out I had a lemon for the last 14 months.

WD customer support was great in handling the situation and walking my through the steps.

I received my replacement drive today.  Let’s hope for better outcomes this time around!

Mine is doing exactly the same. It is very slow and won’t work 3 days in a row. Have to cycle power every 2 or 3 days cause it will lock. Will contact tech support too.