Logging on

I am thinking of getting a TVLive box, which would be connected via my house Cat 5e cabling to my LinkSys WAG 160N router.

I am a bit concerned that I would have to “log on” to the network every time I want to grab files from the network is this correct? It would be a big disincentive!


And another query: my router is a LinkSys  WAG 160N. It’s not listed in the WD compatability list, and I don’t want to buy the TVLive if I can’t use it for this reason either!


Sorry can’t answer about the router but the WDTV live can be set to automatically log in to network shares

hope this helps

I have checked and my netgear router is not on the list but I have never had a problem with it, I think it may be more of an issue if you connect using a wireless USB adapter

Many thanks - that’s what I needed to know.