Log in problem forn wd my cloud

When I want to log in to WD My Cloud through WD SmartWare for Backup Data, the “WD Smartware Pro” request for User Name & Password but I have forgotten both user name & password. What should I do?
Kindly advise me by send me an email to [REMOVED DUE TO PRIVACY POLICY]

Thanks for your instant reply.

Vincent Yeo

Log into the My Cloud Dashboard with the My Cloud administrator account to see the Users and their passwords. If you have forgotten the My Cloud password one can reset the My Cloud admin password to default (no password) by performing a 4 second reset.

@VINCENT_YEO Have you looked under the Help tab of SmatWare?

Users can message you without having to have a personal email address. They just have to click on your User Name. See image below.