Local Ethernet Disabled DX4000 Sentinal


I accidentally disabled the ethernet on my DX4000 NAS drive and am unable to connect to the device.  I followed the steps to launch the system recovery via the USB ISO.  The recovery processes initialises alright, but we the LCD screen displays “Recovery Started” I cannot connect a computer, even when it is plugged directly into the ethernet of the DX4000 without going through a router.

Does anyone have any suggestions or advice?

Well it normally needs to see a dhcp server.

But you should be able to just plug a cat 5 from the server to your pc, another but, you need to make sure your pc is set for dhcp and does not have a static ip and reboot the pc.

Then the pc and the server will have the funky ip’s and be able to see each other.

And just to be sure when you say connect a computer you are in the recovery wizard on the client pc clciking next when it tells you to?