WD SENTINEL DX4000 Network Disconnected

Hi, I have a problem with my WD SENTINEL DX4000
I have IP ADDRESS of my router but I can’t see in the network my server, and in LCD Screen I have the message Network Disconnected

I try with differents routers and it’s the same thing.

I hope your help :slight_smile:
Thank You

You are saying that you can see where the dx4000 get an ip from your router dhcp table but the lcd says disconnected and you cannot ping the ip of the dx4000?

Yes, it’s correct

If you cannot access your DX4000 you do not have much choice but to do a recovery and restore your data from your backup.

Hi gramps, I tried the following:

As you mentioned there was not much to do, so make a recovery that I found on the following page:

Download the EMEA version, and everything good even I could configure my server, and access the network and see my folders and files intact.
I did the recovery while keeping the files.

But I do not know that I happened to stay at 86% of the recovery this for more than 6 hours, so I decided to access the remote desktop and I do, but the desktop does not show me, just a blue screen.
I do not know what to do now if I make a new recovery.
The ISO you use would be the right one ?, how would you know which ISO is the one that corresponds to my server.?

I would make a copy of any data I wanted while I could get to it.

I think it just gets hung sometimes and a clean reboot will probably fix it.