DX4000 not found in network when trying to recover

Hi Everyone,

Recently we had an issue with our DX4000. We recreated the storage (successfully) and as it wouldn’t show anything on the screen, we’d try to perform a recovery, which goes fine, because we get “RECOVERY STARTED” on the LCD display. When we return to the computer, it says that the server was not found.

We verify through the DHCP and it’s getting an IP but it’s unreachable, anyway and the LCS doesn’t show anything else besides “Recovery Started”.

This was on a friday, so we left it like that and when we returned on monday, after the weekend, it’d show that it was initializing OK and Searching. Now, we’re not sure if the power might’ve been interrupted and then it came back online.

Thing is, it’s still showing as “Not found”.

Any ideas what can be done? We’ve followed these instructions:

Thanks for the help or ideas!

the dhcp you saw was something like minit? Could you ping the ip?
Is the server and your worker pc on the same subnet? Getting an IP from the same dhcp server?

You cant’ have multiple ip’s on the worker pc
3rd party firewall on worker PC?
Had a fellow once, simply used a different worker PC

can you ping the ip now while it says searching?

Yeah, it wasminit and the ping would return either time out or destination Host unreachable.

I was testing right now again and now doesn’t even get the IP when I connect the cable. I was exchanging it between the two eth ports and days ago it’d always show the IP in the DHCP.

Let me test with a different worker PC and restart the DX to see if anything changes. Will get back to you as soon as I finish that test. Thanks, Gramps.

Alright, Gramps!

So, I used a different PC, disabled the AV, FW and WIFI, connecting it with eth. It detected itttt! It’s formatting the disks now.

Thank you so much!

you are welcome
congrats !