Local Drive not updating

I have a 300gb drive that I copy all my movies & TV shows to and I have no problem watching them,however when I add a new show or even a folder it does not update and my new show / folder is not listed. I’ve tried ejecting the drive and also re-scan but still nothing. I know it’s on the drive but why doesn’t the WDTV show new files or folders.

Any help would be appreciated.


Try resetting the media player back to the factory settings.

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I tried that and it worked but after putting more new stuff on the drive it didn’t work, resetting to factory setting everytime is a chore. I’ve decided to try the network share drive and that seems to work ok so far, one of the things I liked about the files on my drive was that it didn’t show empty folders, this doesnt seem to be the same on the shared drive.