Can't see newly added files over the network

I’m wondering if anyone else has had an issue or knows of some fix?

I currently have all my media stored on a 2TB WD external running through a network to my WD TV Live+. When I add new files to the HD, I can’t see them on the media player. Is there some way of updating the library? It’s kinda defeating the purpose since I end up putting everything new on a USB so I can watch it.

Usually all you need to do is eject the HD then re-plug it…

I don’t have an option to eject the HD. The HD is connected to my PC (Running Windows 7) and its networked to the media player. I’ve powered both the HD and media player off and on to no avail. Also turned off sharing to the drive and back on. Doesn’t see new files added no matter what I’ve tried

Sorry, wasn’t paying attention.  :)

All you have to do is back up one level in the folder structure and then go forward again.   Works every time.

— unless you’re using MEDIA SERVER, as opposed to Network Shares.  

If that’s the case, then the issue is with your server not indexing the media correctly – and the fix for that depends on which media server you’re using.

I go into the network through “Media Servers”. I can’t see any files through “Network Shares”. Is it better to have it setup with the Network Shares? And if so is there a way to set it up that way? I don’t know the difference, it automatically set up that way.

Is there specific software I should download to manage the files?