Is there a way to update the wdtv live listings of movies that are on my computer

everytime i add new movies on my hard drive sometimes i have to restart my computer and wdtv many times before they will show up in the list, sometimes they dont show up at all.  anyone know a way to force it to update the list?

Listings via network share DO update on my WD. (Vista on PC)

However they do not via media streaming such as TVersity until you tell TVeristy to update itself.

You could try a reboot of the WD by removing the power cord and then plugging back in. WD will reboot and rebuild listings from network shares.

tried that, no luck.  but thanks for trying!

How are you viewing these movies via the WDTV media library or network shares?

If it is via the inbuilt media library then you delete the .wdtv folder from the connected hard disc. On start-up the WDTV will remake the database included in this folder and should find the new movies etc.

sorry I didn’t make it clear, I am viewing it by network share.  I was wondering if there was a wdtv folder somewhere on my computer but cant find it to erase.