Live Duo - iTunes Server


The documentation says “You or anyone connected to the My Book Live Duo device can use iTunes to play stored
music files.” but I can’t seem to get this to work.

The iTunes server in WD Panel is enabled but when I open iTunes v( in the manual says “Click MyBookLiveDuo under the Shared section of the left pane. If you have copied music to the /Public/Shared Music folder or a video to/Public/Shared Videos, and it is in a format supported by iTunes, it should be listed in the right panel” except that I cannot see this, I don’t even see a heading called “shared” in iTunes.

I have a lot of music in a lot of folders stored "/Public/Shared Music/itunes/music/…

Some help would be appreciated.

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Hello mate,

Open the itunes and next to the apple you will see itunes listed there, goes to preferences and in general you will see a list of options that says show: Make sure that the option that says sharing libraries is selected.

That option is to enable the shared option that the user manual is talking about.

Thank you

I went to Edit->Preferences and found the tick/check box for Shared Libraries has been grayed out :confounded:

When I looked at Sharing options it said I didn’t have Bonjour service running on my PC, so I don’t know if that would make a difference???

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Bonjour is how iTunes discovers iTunes servers on the network.   Bonjour is REQUIRED.

Sorry Newbie question.

In iTunes the sharing is turned on and I can see the My Book Live Duo listed on the left and when opened it is empty. But how do I get my iTunes music into the Duo?

Copy it to the 

Public/Shared Music