Itunes Server Doesn't Work...never has


Windows 8.1 64-bit

Itunes 12.1.1 64-bit

My Book Live Duo firmware version 2.43.09-038


Public Share has Music in it and Media Serving set to “On”

iTunes Server Enabled


When I open itunes everything is empty as expected (there is no msic on my local machine)

I can see my server listed as a library

When I select said library, iTunes seems to be working on loading said library…then just stops and goes back to my empty local lbrary

My Response:



I’ve NEVER gotten this thing to work. Not DLNA not iTunes Server. It’s always so spotty on finding files and slow as **bleep** trying to get them. Now, I do have nearly 600GB of music. But, so what/ Why make a drive that big if I can’t use it?

My Plea:

Anyone have any ideas that don’t involve me installing some alternate OS or some twinky server?

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

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