MY Book Live Duo - best NAS music player?

Just got my 8tb My Book Live Duo and am transferring all of my data to it this weekend (have it setup RAID to mirror each other)

I read on the threads that the latest iTunes ( doesn’t seem to work with this drive (despite WD stating it works with iTunes).  I have all of my music copied over to the WD under the “shared music” folder

So I’m curious what others are using as their primary music library manager/player that all devices and computers can easily access the master music library files on the WD My Book Live DUO in order to stream back to the devices.


Hi, the My Book Live Duo DLNA server will work streaming your music to any iTunes client. Be sure to have the latest firmware installed. 

How to update the firmware on a My Book Live or My Book Live Duo

Thanks for the update - I thought I saw on this messageboard that iTunes server didn’t work with the MyBook Live Duo after iTunes 10 or something, so I thought I had to look for other music player alternatives

Glad to hear that this is not the case- I have updated to the latest firmware once I got the drive setup last week so I’m all up to date.

Is their a trick to enable the itunes server, I have itunes running off of my laptop and desktop connected to the network but have moved all of my music now to the MyBook Live Duo under the public folder -->Shared Music, so I need to reimport the library since it lives on my Livo Duo