LinuxReader vs RaiserDataRecovery vs R-Linux

In my case, R-Linux is the winner

My 3TB MBL went south… Suddenly decided to get stuck on yellow light upon restart. So, panic and grief aside, I came here to see what can be done with it, because my life is on the line, my wife would kill me knowing I lost our kids pics among everything else…

Seems like many have had good results with LinuxReader. So I installed and tried it. But LinuxReader only shows an empty Shares directory, no matter where I look, I can’t find any of my files.

Next I tried RaiserDataRecovery. I almost cried when the same thing happened. Raiser showed two 2TB partitions (I have 3TB) but the whole directory structure seemed intact. But both DataVolume and shares folder also are empty.

I could have been doing something wrong. But I’m reluctant to try and use debrick script before I save my data first.

So I tried R-Linux, there is something different, R-Linux shows a third partition or volume with correct size (3TB). However opening it R-Linux wants to do some scanning first, which took a while. But lo and behold, my beloved files and folders are all still there…

Wheeewww… That was a huuuggeee relief…I can tell you that.

So either I didn’t use LinuxReader and Raiser correctly, or they have somehow been unable to read my raid MBL volume, or I don’t know why, but I couldn’t find my files with these two. I’m just glad I kept going and installed R-Linux.

So thank you guys for your advice and sharing, and thank you R-Linux… I’d like to share this experience for others who might have the same problem …

Moral of the story is for me. 1. Backup. 2. Backup 3. Backup.

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Thanks for sharing this with the community.