R-Linux help

I have taken the drive out…anyone know how to use r-linux?

In my comuter it shows

/cachevolume 1858.71gb,

cachevolume 1 1863.02 gb,

Linux Ext Volume 1 1.91 gb,

Linux Ext Volume 2 1.91 gb,

Volume 1(primary, Linux) 489 mb,

NT_Mapped_File J, at end 1863.02gb,

NT_Mapped_File J 1863.02 gb,

EURS-63s48y0 1863.02 gb.

Which drive do i actually try to get the files from?  And how in R-Linux? 

Open drives?  Create Image?  Scan?

Any help is appreciated.

Have you tried just exploring the partitions to see what you find? 

it takes about 36 hours to scan or view a partition…would prefer to do it the right way the first time.

Try reading through the manual. I would put together a guide for you but I’m kinda short on time for the next day or so.


This is on an empty MybookLive with no shares but it should give you an idea

The data is on the EXT4 partition

When I double clicked the partition, it said it was gonna take like 6 days to scan but it scanned in 2 minutes

It may take longer for you as my drive was empty

You will then be presented with a list of folders

Check the shares folder and then click the recover button up top. You will be asked where you want to save the files. Make sure to extract the data to ANOTHER hard drive

You can uncheck the .mediacrawler folder

The only time you should have to use the scan button is if you deleted partitions

Hope this helps

Thanks!  I accidentally did a factory reset…

mine shows:

WDC WD20EURS as the main disk



primary as Ext 3

primary as Ext 3

K: as Ext 4.

Currently I am scanning the “main” WDC disk.

When done, files will be on Ext 4?

Yes the EXT4 data partition is the partition that contains your deleted files
The 2 EXT3 partitions are the drives OS partitions
The other small 512MB partition is just a swap partition

In my second picture, if you click on shares and then one of your shares, you should see all the files in that share on the right side of the screen. I believe they will have an X in front of the filenames as they were deleted.

Thank you!! 

This is what I show after I scan…Which partition will my original shares be in?  so far no luck finding.

I can’t see your picture until a mod approves it…
Did you do a Quick Factory Restore or a Full Factory Restore?
If you did a Full factory restore, your data might not be recoverable

  • no, I did a quick factory format; not a full restore.

When you double click on the K: EXT4 drive under R-Linux browse the drive till you find the shares folder and your data should be there if you browse the shares folder. Then just tick the shares folder and click recover. Again, I can’t see your pic so I’m not sure what your seeing

My shares aren’t there…they are all empty.

Ok, let me rip my drive out of my test MBL that contains some data and make sure I’m steering you in the right direction. I’ll do this tonight and post back

Thank you…I have 10 years of photos and documents i’m trying to get back.

I did a quick factory restore on the drive and pulled it from the case. I double clicked the EXT4 partition, and you are correct, no data is found. I am now doing a scan on the entire disk to see if it finds any of the files. Gonna take about 9 hours so I will post back in the morning…

OK, here it goes…

  1. Right click on your EXT4 partition and select Scan

  1. Enter 4624 MB under Start

  2. Enter 20000 GB under Size and click scan

  3. You will get a message box telling you that the size is too big

  4. Enter the large value you see under “Please enter value between 512 BYTES and 922.69 GB” (I’m using a 1TB drive so your max value will be larger than the 922.69GB that I received because you have a 2TB drive

  1. R-Linux will now start scanning your data partition. You can see it has quickly found 2145 files very quickly

  1. When the scan is done, you will be presented with Extra Found Files under your EXT4 partition.

  2. Click Extra Found Files

  1. On the right side of your screen you should see the following. Click “Files which are found using the information about typical features of their data structures”

  1. You will now be presented with file categories for all your found files. Simply tick Root and the Recover button and recover the data to an external USB hard drive or anywhere but the MyBookLive hard drive.

You can physically browse through each category and pick and choose which files you want to recover as well.

The bad new is the filenames will be generated numerical so you will still have to get the media in order once it is recovered, but the good news is it should be recoverable.

Best of luck

Now that I can see your picture, the Recognized2 folder may contain some of your files as well

I stopped my scan short so never had that folder show up

If you pop back in this thread please let us know if you were successful and if there was anything special you had to do. This could help other users in the future recover files after a quick factory restore.