Light slow blinking or database recovery

The device light is slow blinking. Cannot reach my data on either the mobile app, desktop app, or the web interface.
The desktop apps say offline, the mobile app and the website ( says 'database recovery in progress … ’

There was an app and device update (?) on 23 July.

Whats happening?
And is my data safe?


Would anyone be able to help me out on this?


Hi There. Mine showed device recovery as well and I was told by Tech Support that it would take around 5 days to be available. So on the seventh day I raised a support request and a few days later after toing and froing I was sent to a higher being who said that my Mycloud Home had actually been unavailable for 3 to 4 weeks. It is now on its way to Vietnam for an RMA replacement due to bad sectors on the drive.
I hope your case is different.

Thanks Steve

Likewise here. My device is about 1.5 yrs old, and this is terrible reliability from WD.

The Tech Support has been evading the possibility that the August firmware OTA has anything to do with it.

Praying for my data to come back.