My Cloud Home Recovery Mode

My Cloud Home is undergoing a My Cloud Home database recovery. It will help if somehow we can monitor the progress of the recovery. Sending emails every 27 minutes to tell you that My Cloud home detected a problem is NOT ENOUGH… 35 emails in 16 hours!!! … Frustrating!

Hi joel168uy,

When a database corruption occurs, the My Cloud Home will go into database repair mode and the recovery process can take up to, but not limited to 5 or more days in some cases. We would recommend to wait and let it complete. You can refer below article for more details about this.

ha~ha~ha~ That’s WD !!!

The recovery process can take up to, but not limited to 5 or more days in some cases, Just be patient !!

You can do nothing! just wai----------------------------------------------------t!

This has just happened to me. The MyCloud Home device has always acted up from time to time since I first bought it (e.g. dropping offline for no reason). Now it is throwing up this message for the first time.

It was a big mistake on my part to buy this device and, once the Covid-19 restrictions are lifted, I will be buying something else and binning it.

A very frustrating piece of kit.

The MCH is in dire need of a health monitoring widget or dashboard.

See one example:

An informative, but disturbing, reply. Thanks for posting it.

In my case, it is now well over a day since the “Database recovery” started. I can’t find any status messages whatsoever so have no idea what is actually happening.

It’s a bit like phoning your Doctor, only to told, “your call is important to us and will be answered as soon as possible”. The “soon as” is never defined - obviously.

If WD’s supposed “recovery” might take up to five days, what on earth are they using - Sinclair ZX81?

Unbelievably, after 7 days, my device is still in “Database recovery” mode. The home webpage says, “… don’t unplug/reset your device. Please wait, this could take a very long time.”

In all that time, I have not even received a single email to say what is going on - basically a complete information blackout!

Later today, if the recovery still hasn’t completed, I will ignore WD’s advice and reset the ■■■■ thing.