Light Issues, and connection Issues

I have a 2TB My book live,  and I have been experiancing some issues with the drive.   Just so that you know, I run 2 Computers, a Laptop and Desktop, the Laptop is wireless to the router and then to the NAS, and the Desktop is wired to the router and then to the NAS drive.   Desktop is running Win7 64 Ultimate,  Laptop is running Vista 32 Pro.

The Mapped Drive on the Nas, for the Laptop has been working since I created the link, and will autologin and not prompt for the user id and pass.   The desktop has lost it’s mapped connection over and over.  This by the Share Name, and the IP address.   On Bootup, of the OS - it tells me that its disconnected from the drive.   Thats not a big deal, I don’t mind logging into the drive, for extra security.     But why would it loose the connection everytime?     

The Other day, after booting up my win7 computer, I needed to move some files to the NAS, the computer couldnt connect to the NAS drive.  I noticed that the light on the NAS drive was completely out as well.  I unplugged the nas drive and rebooted the NAS, it had a solid RED light for about 1min and then i could connect to the drive by IP address, via HTTP, and [\](file:// (shares IP address)  - Well after seeing this I dont see any settings for the Light to be dimmed and never noticed it before.    I keep my movie collection and Music collection there for the house.    There is roughly 1.6tb of Movies, TV Shows,Music and Pictures on the NAS drive.     Well after freaking out, I started pulling all of the data from the NAS, last night.  -  I dont want to loose this information, as it would be painful to recreate.  

Is there any idea why the light would be going out?   Much less the systems not seeing the Nas drive?   I do have the nas to goto sleep after 30min, but other nas systems I had didnt do this when I owned them.  

I have 2 WD live, units in rooms, and also a boxee(sorry not WD) in another room and use the nas for all the music and movies,

Gregg P

Well dude, if I were you I’d go to the utilities section under settings to run a full diagnostic test, then replace it if the results are not good. If it passes then it can be a network issue, but the red light needs to be checked with a test.