My Book Live Help

Good Evening,

I recently moved and I have an old 3TB My Book Live. I had it connected to my Netgear Router and it worked fine. When I moved I got a Nighthawk router and the drive shows me the “unable to connect to device” error. I’ve googled, been back and forth with tech support 3 times but can’t figure it out. Does anyone have any ideas on what to try?

I also occasionally get a red light when I reset it a lot, which I think is causing it to overheat. If I don’t overheat I see a green light and it does show up as an attached device in my router devices.

Somethings Ive looked at:

Updating and activating services on my Windows 8 machine
resetting the device several times

Does anyone have any other ideas for potentially connecting to the device?

Also, I’m considering buying a second NAS and having a service transfer the data? Does anyone know if that is possible?


Try connecting your My Book Live directly to the Ethernet port in your computer to see if you have access.

I went from Win7 to Win10 so I don’t if this applies to Win8, but with Win10 when you switch routers Windows changes the network profile from “Private” to “Guest or Public” and disables network discovery (which SMB connections need). You have to manually re-enable network discovery of you will not be able to connect to a NAS store.

That may not be the case with Win8 but it’s worth checking.