Lg TV - slow media speeds. So slow it doesn't play

Just bought an lg smart TV - found the mybook live device and searched for a downloaded film on the drive. The film took ages to load up. When it started to play all looked good, but it then kept stopping and starting.

Any ideas why the playback is struggling/slow?

I bought the lg TV mainly so that I could play off the drive without having to have other devices connected up.


Are you sure the video format is 100% supported by LG?

Streaming video wirelessly, depending on the size of the file, can cause stuttering.  Unless you use a media server like Twonky.

Tried various files and no joy… all start to play and then stop and just has the loading sign up until it plays again and then loads for about 20 seconds and plays 2 seconds… 

I cant think of anything that could be stopping it - there are no other devices pulling down the wireless speeds.  The tv is connecting on 5ghz network. 

The tv is slow to connect to any files - video/picture/music.  Seems not to be able to even bring up thumbnails as it is so slow.

I have tried connecting to the mybook on my mac and that connection seems fine - played a movie with no issues - no stuttering or loading.  So it makes me think its a fault on the tv?

Any ideas?

Just curious… What LG model connects to 5GHz WiFi??

It’s the 55UF850V - brand new telly for 2015 apparently. So new that Cyrus don’t have the manual and can’t help me!

Tried Ethernet connection last night and it still is an issue.

Hi - just wondering if you had a solution to this problem? I am also experiencing the same and it’s driving me nuts. Connected with Ethernet and still the speeds are slow. I have an old Panasonic smart tv which has no problems streaming or navigating the DLNA media folders with instant speed. The LG takes 10 seconds just to open a folder. Playing a video just stops and buffers every 5 seconds.

I spoke to LG tech support and they don’t have a solution, they said that my internet speed is too slow - even though I explained that I’m not trying to watch web media, but local network media. They escalated the issue to their higher level techies but still no solution.

So as a temporary work around, I am copying media to usb and playing directly from the TV’s USB port.

Would be great if anyone out there can give me a solution to this. I have a MBL connected to a new virgin media super hub and the tv is also connected by Ethernet. No other devices have any issues streaming (iPhone, ipad, android phone, laptops, Panasonic smart tv).


Maybe we should merge this topic to this one since both are relating to slowness of LG TVs streaming a MBL thru the LAN.

Copying media to USB makes it play smooth and fast (that’s what I also ended up with) but this is a temporary workaround that should not be definitive, let’s admit it !

Yes I thinking merging is a good idea

I gave the link to this post in my email to LG hopefully they will see that it affects many users.

Well, i have a solution although its not really a fix for the issues, more of a complete start again.

I hunted for an answer on the issues with the buffering and slow speeds and couldn’t find any answers anywhere. It seemed sporadic as it would happen most of the time, but then sometimes would be ok for a while (not long enough to watch a movie though). I tried a number of different things to get around this, no joy.

So i thought i would take the plunge and upgrade to a mycloud, so bought a refurb one for about £60. Plugged in, installed updated firmware and tested it. Works perfectly. No buffering, fast access & indexing of files. So i have put it down to incompatibility of the tv and device.

I did not exactly understand …
Did you say that you had at the first place a sluggish MBL and then “upgraded” it to another refurbished MBL (more recent one?) that definitely improved speed ?
Is your TV also a LG ? What type ?
Thanks for your clarifications.

I think he upgraded to a “My Cloud” (not My Book Live), a different product.

Can you confirm if the My Cloud is working well all the time?

My MBL seems to work sometimes (but very rarely), it speeds up and works fine, but minutes later slows down again and is unusable.

Alright, got your point now … I had read MBL instead of My Cloud.

I cannot confirm you anything concerning the My Cloud since I only have a MBL (1Tb).
But what I can 100% confirm you is that the longer my LG TV has been on, the fastest the streaming the MBL is.
I must wait maybe 10-15 min before navigating thru the folders and streaming is reasonably fast.
But once again, this concerns only streaming my MBL from my LG Smart TV.

My Desktop, Laptop, Ipad can all stream from the MBL fast and easy at any time !

I purchased the ‘My Cloud’ device which works perfectly. The MBL was just constantly slow. The ‘My Cloud’ works perfectly.

Hi there, i was wondering if you finally find out a solution to this issue. I have just bought a new LG smart tv and i am experiencing the same problem with my MBL.
I used to have no problem with my old bravia tv and now nothing is working and everything is stuck.

thanks for any help or suggestions…

Hi Matteo,

Nope, unfortunately it looks like I have to accommodate with my fate :wink:

Either the MBL is not fast enough to rebuild its directories after its contents is changed (particularly when new video files are added) or the LG is not fast enough to rebuild its own tables from what the MBL sends to the TV …
I recently tried to access (from my LG) via LAN to an USB drive connected to the USB port of my router and it appeared to be much faster (10x) than accessing my MBL BUT it still takes a long time (>10mn) before the LG can ACTUALLY display (and play) a video file recently-added to the USB drive.
Whereas my PC that’s linked to the same LAN can see and play the recently-added files immediately (be it on the MBL or the LAN USB-Drive) !!!

It looks like there are some inherent lags in the handshake protocol between the MBL (or any other drive connected to the LAN) and the LG TV …

I never did manage to solve this. LG and WD didn’t respond to me.

I did notice that when navigating through the NAS folders sometimes the speed would be unbearably slow (10 seconds to access each folder and videos unplayable). So in such cases if you switch off the TV for 1 minute and restart then it speeds up somewhat but still much slower than my old Panasonic TV. I have resorted to copying films to a USB stick and plugging in if I really want to watch something without stuttering playback.

I am contemplating getting a Mycloud drive.

Can forum users confirm if the mycloud drives work 100% with the LG tv?

Hi thanks for your replies.
what about installing Towny media server on the MBL?.. assuming I am able to do it… sounds a lot o SSHish stuff that I have not idea how to deal with anyway…

I’m not sure if there is an easy way to install Twonky on the MBL. You might have to do some funky Linux command type jazz.

Would be good if anyone out there can confirm this? Or post some step by step instructions if indeed it is possible?

Also, can anyone suggest an alternative NAS drive that works well with the LG TV’s? Something in the same (budget) price bracket if possible.


Hello there,
I have found (but not tested yet) some interesting suggestions THERE.
You’re welcome to join !