Poor video quality streaming from My Book Live to TV

Just got a WD my Book Live and have tried to watch/stream video (MPEG4) to some of of my Smart TV’s. Not sure if it is a buffer issue or speed of data transfer but video’s constantly freeze to catch up. Any tricks or guidance would be appreciated.

Are there any smart TVs out there with gigbit lan yet?  I bought my LG in 2011 and it’s still 100.  Maybe see if there is a QoS in play in your router

Check the docs for your TV for its playback capabilities and make sure the videos are compliant.

The MBL is MORE than capable of streaming even the most demanding video formats… Multiple times over.

Thanks, I have tried 2 file types WMV which comes back as not supported and MPEG-4 which the video stalls. Sounds like you don’t think it is a bandwidth issue streaming (wifi) to the TV?

WMV probably isn’t supported.

But with the MP4 over WiFi?  Oh sure.  Possibly (probably?) so.

You didn’t mention WiFi in your initial post.  :stuck_out_tongue: