LCD Display on PR4100 Not On

I went to press the Power button to power down our unit for a memory upgrade but instead of holding the power button for a bit longer than 4 seconds, my hand jittered (which basically resulted in a long tap on the button) and it turned off the front LCD display, turned off the drives but the power never actually went out until we disconnected the unit. After the upgrade we plugged everything in and powered up the unit with no problems EXCEPT the front LCD display is still not on. I checked the “Energy Saver” area for the LCD and it is not enabled so I know it is not that.

I realize some people prefer theirs not be on and that’s fine, but we want the LCD on. Any suggestions?

See the dedicated subforum for the PR Series.

This subforum (My Cloud) generally covers the single bay My Cloud models which do not have an LCD display.