LCD Does Not Turn Off on PR4100


I just upgraded from a EX4100 to a PR4100 due to the Unresponsive/lockup issues that I was having.

I tried making the same settings in the new PR4100, specifically to turn off the LCD display. The setting doesn’t appear to work as the LCD always stays on.

Does anyone else have this issue?

Note: I am on the most recent Firmware rev 2.30.193


After installing 3rd party app or plex, My Cloud device no longer go to Sleep Mode which doesn’t allow it to off the LCD of device. You may check below link for more details about it.


Thank you for your reply. It appears that my device is actually going into standby mode. I tried setting the drive sleep and it works. It is the LCD Off setting that does not turn of the LCD as it did with my previous Ex4100.


So, I take it that nobody else has this problem of not being able to turn off the LCD?


Let me ask this question - Does anyone using the PR4100 turn off the LCD?


Ive actually always just kept mine on, but after finding this thread decided to test it. In the control panel, when I click the slider for LCD off it takes about 5 seconds to so but it does indeed go off. So seems to be working like its supposed to on my end. PR4100


Thank you for checking. Can you tell me your firmware revision?




Thanks again for your reply and taking the time to check these settings. I now know that at least one works (yours) and one does not work (mine). I can’t imagine why the setting does not turn off the display.


It seems that we are experiencing the same problem.
I also own DL4100 and PR4100.
When the DL4100 turns off the LCD, it will be completely extinguished.
After the PR4100 turns off the LCD, only the brightness is lowered, and the backlight cannot be completely turned off.

Both firmware is 2.30.193


The brightness of the backlight seems to be adjustable, but the interface is not set.


Thank you for replying. I am surprised that I only received 2 replies. The other said that his PR4100 was able to turn off the LCD as intended. You were the only other person to respond, however your symptom is slightly different. When I chose OFF for the LCD in the General Settings, nothing happens. The LCD stays on and at the brightness level stays the same.


Sorry, it seems that I have an error in the PR4100 observation.
Today, this LCD can not be turned off and repeated tests, put the computer next to the pr4100, including upgrading the firmware again (2.30.193), only the system is restored to the default settings, the LCD is turned on or off, and the screen backlight remains the same brightness without change.
When I reverted to the firmware version 2.30.165, the LCD was turned on or off, and the backlight of the screen remained the same brightness without change. However, in the previous firmware version of this PR4100, the LCD backlight will be turned off, and the backlight brightness of the LCD will be lowered. When the upper or lower button on the right side of the LCD is operated, the backlight brightness will increase and will decrease after a few seconds.

It seems that this error belongs to the 2.30.193 version of the bug. Even if you restore this firmware to a previous version, you will not be able to restore this feature.


Thank you again for your feedback. It appears that it is in a firmware version that does not turn off the LCD when the setting is set to Off.


My PR4100 on 2.30.193 does not turn off the LCD either. It does work on my DL4100 on the same firmware version.


Thanks rgtalk. Interesting… It seems it is not specifically the Firmware rev, however the firmware rev on specific hardware.


Just to confirm: I’m also unable to shutdown the PR4100 LCD backlight with the low level BKL=00 uart command.
I’d guess it’s not supported.


Interesting… I wonder if that is related to the GUI in the dashboard not being able to turn off the LCD screen?


After another new Firmware Update (2.31.149) - The menu function in the dashboard still does not turn off the LCD. I know that this function works as it did as expected on an older EX4100.

Does anyone else have any ideas why this does not work at all on the PR4100?


Although this topic was not my reasoning for joining the community, I did notice as well when I upgraded my EX4 to the PR4100 that the LCD does NOT turn off. I was wondering why when I upgraded to it, but never really investigated much.

I have had several firmware updates, and I am running the latest version on it right now that was just released at the end of October 2018. The LCD on/off function in the GUI does NOT turn it off, it just simply dims it.