EX4 Power Saving

Can anyone tell me the logic of the power saving settings on the EX4. Does ON mean power saving activate or setting on continuously? I’m particularly stuck with the Drives setting so does ON mean drives do not run down or does it mean they do run down?

Drive Sleep = ON means that Power Saving mode for the disks is ON.  Meaning they will spin down after being idle for about 10 minutes (give or take)

Hi Tony. I thought that was the case but when LCD is set to on ( I would have thought power saving on), it disables LCD display saving so logic seams to be reversed in some cases.

I agree.  That’s why I was so verbose with my answer.    :)

All understood and thanks for your help.

Does anyone know what actually wakes the LCD up? Or is it forever off? Haven’t been able to wake it back up once it goes to sleep.

Do you mean it is lit up but BLANK, or not lit up at all, or just doesn’t have new messages?

Does it respond to the key presses on the front panel?

Hi Tony … my fault, should have provided a clear description of what’s going on.

Basically, if I set the switch in the GUI to shut the LCD off after 10 minutes it most certainly turns off the LCD.

Afterwards, if I transfer files or even log in to the GUI the LCD never “wakes up” and honestly, I’m not sure if it is supposed to. Logically, it seems that it should but I could be wrong.

It hasn’t gotten in the way of using the device. It’s just one of those things that makes you scratch your head a little…

Anyway - that’s it!

What if you press the arrow buttons on the front panel?  Does it turn on then?


I believe the behaviour of the LCD is to only wake up if you touch the buttons or a critical alert happens. We didn’t want it to be constantly turning on and off - especially if you are like me and have it in your bedroom!

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You must really love that EX4 to keep it in your bedroom :wink:

Okay - makes sense. I understand the concept and more importantly, how it is supposed to behave.

Once again - you are the man! Thanks Tony!