EX4 does not go into Standby after 1.03.39 firmware upgrade

I upgraded my EX4 to firmware 1.03.39 on 5/28/14 but I noticed it is not displaying Standby mode anymore on the LCD screen.

I tried rebooting but that does not help.

Power saving setting is set to Sleep = ON.

Can someone assist with this?

I was just logging on to post this same issue.

I didn’t want to update since I was having zero issues for months now. The nagging message on the panel was bothering me so I caved in.

My CPU activity is normal (basically zero) but no sleep. 

Looking for some advice as well.

Did you also tried resetting the unit?

How to reset a WD My Cloud, Mirror, EX2, or EX4 Personal Cloud drive



Been down this road far too many times before. I’m sure it’s logged somewhere in your db.

  • Rob

Same problem here.

@John   Yes, reset didn’t help.

Anyone else  having trouble where it won’t save your admin login credentials?

Jump- no issues here that I can see regarding login creds…

Here we go again!

Hello guys,

This case is currently under investigation.

After the 1.03.39 firmware upgrade I too seem to have this issue with my EX4.

My unit does appear to go into sleep mode. it just doesn’t indicate as such on the LCD display, as it did prior to the firmware update.  I believe that’s what I’m seeing.

Same issue here, but as far I can see (i can hear HDDs going off) the EX4 goes into sleep mode but the LCD display ignores it, and no e-mail notification is sent.


The Stand-by mode notification was removed in the new code ( 1.03.39 ) due to customer feedback about number of emails sent when unit goes on stand-by mode since this occurs often.  The devices are still entering the Stand-by state, but it just isn’t being communicated through an alert any longer.

Ok so just an update. It seems like the unit really IS going into stand-by mode but its not displaying it in the LCD.

As far as the email alerts I’m not sure why you would even have that alert setting available for stand-by as it should be for critical system notifications not for simple stand-by mode which should occur very often if you have stand-by mode enabled in settings.

Ok, I definitely agree, a message every 30m saying “stand by mode active” was pretty annoying. Much better sending one  msg once the unit changes its state and no more. But… what about the display message? Is there anything annoying with the display msg? I can’t get the point. 

Well they could’ve left the notifications alone. I don’t use the email notifications anymore but I tested them out when I first got the unit and it worked just fine. If anyone complained about getting frequent notifications when the unit went into standby mode then they should’ve adjusted their setting to only send alerts for “Critical and Warning”, not for “All” alerts. When I had mine turned on to all I got a bunch of standby alerts. I adjusted it to only critical and warning alerts and it only sent them for those. People need to pay more attention to the settings I guess or WD could’ve put an itemized note in the notifications regarding what types of alerts classify as critical, warning and such.

Good point that the Standby notifications  could have been left alone and just set notificationd to Critical and Warning.

But at least I know the ex4 is physically going into standby to save power and we’re just not seeing it on the LCD display which is the next problem we need a firmware fix for

Or if WD just backs off the standby notification change and just tells customer to change their settings to Critical and Warning only as you suggested.

I’m not quite getting the logic either… I re-read the relase notes and there is no mention of the “fix” to the email on standby “issue” which in my mind, it really wasn’t an issue as evidenced above. 

As a matter of fact, the following bullet is listed in the release notes:

"Resolved issue when unit is in standby mode, it will not send alert message via email 

or text message."

Resolved or _ removed  _? I’m calling shenanigans on this one. It is my opinion that someone missed something somewhere and we received the next best answer.

The word removed was used appropriately in regard to NFS support so why would it not be used appropriately with standby email / text? I personally never had any major issues with receiving an email and actually preferred it. At least I knew what was up.

I also agree that it should have been made an option if it truly was indeed removed. 

I also believe in chem trails, the New World Order, and Jessie Ventura. 

But seriously … I’m not buying that answer for some reason.