2.10.310 New Power Saving Icons Explained?

Okay, this may seem like a dumb question but that’s never stopped me before. :smile: With the the firmware upgrade to 2.10.310 we go new icons as to when the disks are powered on or off. The question I have is what designates the on time, the blue or the black dot being filled in? The sliding bar made much more sense to me, but hey that’s me. So can someone fill me in as to the new icon meaning?


Hi there,

I believe that when the circles are black this will mean that the unit will be off, but lets see if another user can clear this up fo you and shares some information or tips on this matter.

This feature has never worked for me. When I set-up a power-off and power-on schedule the NAS will shut-down but will never boot-up at the designated time. It’s been like this from the start. Have reported the issue months ago and nothing’s been done to fix it.

If anyone gets their NAS to power-up at the designated time, please let me know what you did.

My device does NOT turn offf in the specified time.

And I have another doubt: when we turn on energy saver, unit should go stand by after 10 min. In this case is this supposed the leds to turn off, or the leds should be “on”? I never see my leds off, even early morning after 12 hours without using device. I am wondering my unit is NOT going stand by. Can anyone help?

Only the drives spin-down. The NAS’s electronics remain on. With drives spun-down there is a significant reduction on watts consumed. I checked this over a few months.