Latest update requires reboot. Why didn't automatic update reboot?

After automatic update to 1.05.21, S3 backups started failing (last backup 10/29). I couldn’t edit jobs, either. No clues in logs or dashboard.

I rebooted and it seems to be working properly.

I’ve turned off automatic updates for the time being.

WD: Either write a responsible update program or don’t bother with automatic updates. If a reboot is required to clean up an update, then do it or don’t bother. It’s not up to me to discover that my server is disfunctional.

Hi and welcome to the WD community.

When you go to the dashboard on your unit, on the alerts section, does it show if there was a system restart after the firmware was updated?. Normally the unit reboots after it does a update on the firmware this is part of the update process. 

Unfortunately, I deleted the alerts and there’s no way AFAIK to retrieve them. (Another aggravation) I’m pretty sure I saw the download and the update, but not a reboot. As I said, manual rebooting worked. Logic would lead to believe that there was no reboot before that.