Late 2015 iMac 27" 5k Retina and backing up 2TB TB to my 6TB EX2

My Late 2015 iMac 27" 5k Retina came Thursday afternoon, did unboxing Saturday morning and migration of nearly 2TB data now … show 11 hours to do it.
I’ll give impressions after using for a few days.

unboxing images
Box in a box packaged:

VESA mount applied by Apple, I transfer the arm specific bracket to the new 2015 iMac on left, the old 2009 iMac is on right

Going here

Late tonight it should be done migrating 2TB, my ext 2TB HD has firewire 400/800 and USB 2.0, not 3.0, and the new iMac has no firewire so slow USB (45-ish MB/s)

now it’s slowed down to 28MB/s and 15 hours left … ugh USB 2.0 slooowwww.

The data transfer while taking a long time appears to be totally successful.
All user accounts and data/applications came across, including Aperture - yep I still use it.

RAM Before

RAM after :smiley:

However now I’m trying to use my 6TB My Cloud EX2 NAS as a time machine back-up
I started this before going to sleep at 11pm, and nearly 7 hours later still about 20% done, I though gigabit was way faster than USB 2.0??

There just 1 D-Link switch between me and the iMac, it’s a relative new one

Now it’s says about a day remaining

Well here’s my 1.22TB Initial Time Machine backup over LAN to 6TB NAS Western Digital My Cloud EX2
4 hours left, so about 24 hours total to do a 1.22TB initial back-up

I’m not sure if this is “good” or “bad” or just average.

17-18 MB/s, while a gigabit = 1,000 MB/s, so my performance is slooowww??

Here’s my system performance over the past 20 hours

I’ve got these Aperture Libraries with 10,000’s of pictures plus in each

My iTunes library is pretty big also

and finally lots of digital movie clips, some from my wedding day


Firmware Current Version 2.10.310
Last Update Friday, 2015 December 11, 5:55:59 PM

So, what speeds should I expect over my LAN network?
All my switches are modern gigabit ones.
I’m Cat 5e wire everywhere.


Congratulations on your new iMac.

Check the firewall settings on the switch to see if that is slowing down the connection.

There are no settings for me to configure on the D-link DGS-2205

My firewall setting on the iMac is like this

Issue:Incremental back-up’s failure, lock-up.
Yes - I’ve read this, and this
The incremental back-up is taking way too long for nearly every one
Started this one at 6:48am:

Got all this tech errors, back-up not started after 3 minutes, normally it started nearly instantaneous
still preparing

and now shows 2 hours for a small back-up

and still stalled out and 3 hours, I stopped it

I’m at a loss here, the attached USB drive did back-ups not issue, but the NAS cannot do it reliability

Here’s a catch up to this:
Turns out my EX2 had some hardware issues, after multiple discussions with level 1 then level 2 tech support, I was given a offer for a EX2 warranty replacement. Well, I negotiated that as a upgrade also, so they sent me a My Cloud EX2100.
swapped in the existing (2) 6TB RED drives w/o any other changes for apples-apples comparison.
Had to update the firmware, that’s it.

I have to say WD support stepped up, calling me at home, very pro-active.

Initial impressions;
-it works
-wicked fast, up to 115MB/s fast!
-I’ll do more benchmarking this weekend
-after 15 days I’ll return the EX2

Finishing a time machine incremental back-up, where the EX2 hung up, this was going around 10MB/s to 45MB/s.

It actually cruised so fast transferring my 77GB iTunes files, 60MB/s to 113MB/s

Doing some benchmarking I found the web based WD My cloud (http://wdmyclouddl2100.local/ ) Device activity does NOT display network speed at all :frowning:

Does anyone know why? Is it a know bug or what?
Some screen shots, I’m moving 452GB video files to the EX2100 so all 4 of my computers can easily view them, family home movies/etc.
It’s avg 100MB/s for this activity, and hit 116MB/s …

As I do other tests, the big ones moving large aperture files (over 100GB), or Time Machine backups, I’ll share results .

Network performance not being captured ……gotta be a bug in the WD web based software …